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Ohio University On-Campus Transportation for Individuals either Faculty/Staff Students, and/or visitors with Disabilities

Transportation Services procedures for Faculty/Staff, Students, and/or visitors with disabilities

Transportation Services at Ohio University offers Transportation for individuals either Faculty/Staff, Students, and/or visitors with limited mobility a shuttle service to fulfill their on-campus travel needs.

The below procedures are in effect to benefit each and every rider at Ohio University.


Faculty/Staff, students, and visitors are required to submit one of the following:

    A doctors referral (stating how long the service is needed and what injury you have obtained) 

    Or the individual can be listed with Institutional Equity. For more information on Institutional Equity you can call them at 740-593-2620 or visit their web site at www.ohio.edu/equity/

  • Each Faculty/Staff and student is asked to submit a list of their designated pickup and drop off locations. Not a class schedule ex: Pickup 10:10AM Memorial Auditorium Drop off at Ellis. In instances of conflicting schedules the individual will be placed in the next available time slot, and notified of the change via email.

  • If the rider needs to cancel or change his/her riding times they must call 1 hour prior to their scheduled pickup. Riders need to make sure that they are waiting on the CAT CAB. CAT CAB will only wait 5 minutes then our drivers will leave and go onto the next pickup. The rider needs to make sure they are on time so the schedule can be maintained. If the rider is late and the driver leaves he/she will need to call the dispatch office and reserve another ride. Please remember when scheduling CAT CAB runs in 10 minute intervals. 

  • Riders that provide doctor’s referrals are limited to the time they can utilize CAT CAB, riders with temporary limitations will be notified by staff personnel when utilization of CAT CAB services is coming to an end. Rider’s listed with institutional equity will remain with CAT CAB until institutional Equity informs us otherwise.

  • CAT CAB will not transport riders to off-campus sites or sites that are not related to University business. CAT CAB  will not transport riders out of the one mile driving distance from the center of campus which is The University Baker Center; 1 Park Place Athens, Ohio 45701. In the event that an instructor schedules a class at an off campus location or meetings are scheduled off campus riders will be responsible for being transported to those off campus locations. CAT CAB’S one mile driving distance starts at 1 Park Place Athens, OH 45701 The University Baker Center. If you are unsure of the distance you can go to www.googlemaps.com and type in 1 Park Place Athens, Ohio 45701 for your starting location. CAT CAB will transport riders to all academic and administrative buildings related to the University. If a rider needs to be transported to a location that is not affiliated with the University and is outside the one mile driving range, the rider will need to specify the purpose of travel is University related.

  • Riders are required to appear at the designated pickup location. Drivers are not required to contact the rider and ask where they are. Drivers will only wait up to 5 minutes as stated in #3 once the driver has left, the rider will be marked as a “NO SHOW” 2 NO SHOW’S will result in cancellation of the individuals rides with CAT CAB, permanently. Being late disrupts service to others and it is important to be on time or call our dispatch office at 740-597-1909 if the rider needs to cancel a ride.

  • CAT CAB’S hours of operations are Monday – Friday from 7:30 AM until 7:30 PM EST CAT CAB is closed on weekends and University Holidays. During breaks and finals week CAT CAB’S hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM. If Athens County is under a level 3 snow advisory CAT CAB will be closed.


If you are in need of service beyond our listed times you may call institutional equity and try to arrange services 740-593-2620


CAT CAB procedures serve to ensure safe and reliable service from the individuals at Ohio University Transportation Services and an outline of our regulations.

All drivers have been trained in the following:


15 passenger van training

Wheelchair lift training


CAT CAB Contacts:

Office Phone: 740-597-1909

Transportation Services Main Line: 740-593-1611

Transportation Operations Supervisor: 740-593-2416

To schedule rides please turn in a schedule to transportation@ohio.edu Please list pickup and drop off locations and times, please note that we run in 10 minute intervals.

Please send your doctor’s referral either via fax to 740-593-9608 or you can drop off or mail in your doctor’s referral to our offices at 100 Factory Street Athens, Ohio 45701

If you have recently been added with Institutional Equity we will verify the rider is listed and then add the rider to our services.





Higher-resolution ADA Accessibility Maps are also available; some printers may not be able to print them (or may take a very long time to print them), but you can view them on screen.

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