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Date: 05-10-2012
Subject: Parking Permit Information 2012-2013 School Year

12-13 School Year Permit Sales

Parking Services will begin selling permits for the 12-13 school year on May 29, 2012. RA's may purchase their permits beginning on MAY 28, 2012.

Please remember the quarters to semesters transition as this affects permit sales dates, pricing structures, and it may affect availability.  Please review the quarters to semesters transition explanation document located at:  http://www.facilities.ohiou.edu/parking/view.php?type=2&no=425&page=1 for more detailed information regarding permits and the semester transition.

Permit fees for the 12-13 school year will be (these are annual permits unless otherwise noted):

Commuter $105
Residential Guaranteed Surface Lot $165
Residential Garage $360
* Residential Non-guaranteed Surface Lot (semester permit) $82.50
Permit fees will prorate each week as the semester progresses.

Residential Permits (students living in dorms)

All residential permits must be requested online. This does not apply to students who are commuters. Commuting students must still purchase their commuter permits in person at the Parking Services office. This is necessary because proof of residency must be shown at the time of purchase.

RA's are the only exception as they have always been given the opportunity to purchase their permits one business day prior to the general student population. RA's may request their permits on May 28, 2012; however, they will not be able to utilize the online request form on May 28. Therefore, all RA's wishing to obtain their permits on May 28 must follow the request information provided directly to Residence Life staff. Any RA who does not request their permit on May 28 will be required to submit an online request form along with the rest of the student population.

A limited number of permits will be available to freshman students in the BLUE lot only.  Freshman must request a permit by e-mailing parking@ohio.edu with the following information:  Full Name, PID Number, and indicate you are requesting a freshman permit.  These are issued on a first requested, first issued basis. 

Sophomore students and above must request a permit by following the following steps:

Requesting a permit online is simple and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Please follow the steps listed below to request your permit online.

1. Residential Permits (garage and surface lot) will be available for sale beginning on MAY 29, 2012 (the online request form is disabled until that date). On or after MAY 29, 2012, go to:

http://www.facilities.ohiou.edu/parking/index.php and click on the MY ACCOUNT LINK. 

2. Log in using your Ohio credentials.  Select “Request a Student Permit”.  Choose the dorm you will be residing in. Read the information explaining the two types of permits--Non-guaranteed and Guaranteed. Click the Continue button.

3. You must now pick the permit you would like. Most people choose their permit based on the proximity of the lot in which it is valid to their dorm. You may review the campus map for lot locations (linked from this page) if you're not sure where a lot is located. Everyone must pick three different options. IMPORTANT: The permit you are issued is determined by the choices you make. Based on availability, your first choice will be issued first, your second choice if the first choice isn't available, and the third choice if neither the first or second is available. If none of the permits you have chosen are available, you will be notified that your request could not be processed. Make your selections carefully. Please be aware that guaranteed permits must now be purchased for the entire year. Please be advised that permits may be returned for a refund of the unused portion if you should later change your mind or no longer need the permit. After you have picked a first, second, and third option, click the Continue button.

4. You will now be given the opportunity to review the selections you have made. Please check this carefully to ensure you have not made an error. If you would like to change something, click the Go Back button. If you would like to proceed with the selections you have made, click the Continue button.

5. You must now enter your Customer Information. You will be required to enter your first and last name as well as your middle initial. Your PID number (located along the bottom of your student ID card--you must include the P), e-mail address (please use your Oak e-mail address), dorm
of residence, license plate number, license plate state, vehicle make, and vehicle color must also be entered. Click the Done button to submit your request.

6. A copy of your request will be sent to the e-mail address you entered (if you do not receive a copy of your request in your e-mail, an error was made and your request was NOT sent). Please retain this for your records until you receive an acceptance or denial confirmation from Parking Services. Your confirmation will be sent to the same e-mail address you entered when you sent your request. Confirmation should be received within 2-3 business days of the original request.

7. Once an acceptance confirmation is received, your permit will be held for you at the Parking Services office until the date indicated in the confirmation e-mail. Please read your confirmation letter carefully. You will be required to stop by Parking Services within the specified time frame to obtain your permit as no permits will be mailed. A photo ID is required to pick up your permit.

Requesting and obtaining your permit is as simple as that! Students are encouraged to request their permits in advance and anticipate parking needs prior to immediately needing a permit as no walk-in permit sales will be performed. Any customer wishing to purchase a residential permit must first complete the online request form.

Garage permits are $360 per year (includes fall and spring semesters). Guaranteed Surface lots are $165 per year (includes fall and spring semesters). Non-Guaranteed Surface Lots are $82.50 per semester (non-guaranteed permits are only sold on a semester by semester basis).

Commuter Permits (Students living outside campus and not within walking distance)

Students providing a lease as proof of residency may begin purchasing commuter permits starting on June 25, 2012. 

Students providing any other proof of residency other than a lease may begin purchasing commuter permits starting on August 13, 2012. 

Commuter parking will be sold for any of the purple lots across campus. Students living outside a certain radius from campus (as determined by Parking Services) are eligible for a commuter permit. The cost is $105 per year (includes fall and spring semesters). If a yearly permit is purchased and only a portion is needed, the permit may later be returned to Parking Services for a pro-rated refund. Commuters must show proof of residency at the time of purchase. Because permits are being purchased for the following school year, only a valid lease for the following school year will be accepted as proof of residency until August 13, 2012. Please note that anyone living in an area within Athens that is considered too close to campus who also has a local permanent address must give the address where they are staying through the school week--not their permanent address.

Permits will remain on sale throughout the summer. Parking Services is located at 100 Factory Street (OU's West Green behind the OU Credit Union) and is open M-F between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

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