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Student Vehicle Registration

Ohio University students must register their vehicle or motorcycle with Parking Services prior to purchasing a permit. If it is possible more than one vehicle or motorcycle will be driven, it is recommended that the license plate number for each vehicle or motorcycle be registered. You must know your license plate in order to register your vehicle or motorcycle. Register your vehicle or motorcycle by clicking the "Register a Student Vehicle or Motorcycle" link below.

This page should only be used to register a vehicle or motorcycle. Do not attempt to renew a permit or register the same vehicle or motorcycle more than once. However, an individual can register more than one vehicle or motorcycle by submitting the form more than once.

Register a Student Vehicle or Motorcycle


Student Motorcycles


Effective July 1, 2013, all motorcycles on campus must display a valid Ohio University Motorcycle Decal or permit when parked within the designated motorcycle parking lots on campus. 
There will be two types of motorcycle lots on campus.  Daily Motorcycle Parking and Storage Motorcycle Parking. 
· The daily motorcycle lots are for those commuting to campus daily only; and only a commuter or faculty/staff decal or permit is valid within a daily motorcycle lot. 
· The storage lots are for those storing their motorcycles on campus; but those with a commuter decal or permit for a motorcycle lot may also utilize a storage lot. 
A locking device is available for those who do not wish to place a decal on their bike or already have a current permit to use on their bike.  This locking device is necessary to prevent theft.  The cost of this device is $25.  Lost or broken replacement devices must be purchased additionally, if needed.
Those with a current permit for a vehicle:
· A locking device must be purchased, and the individuals current commuter permit must be used in the locking device. 

· No additional fee due for parking within motorcycle area.


Those without a current permit for a vehicle:
· Commuter Motorcycle Decal is $50.63 for the year.  The decal fee will prorate through the year.
Residential (Campus Dorms) Students

· If the student does not have a current campus permit and wishes only to purchase motorcycle parking, a decal must be purchased for the storage motorcycle parking areas.  Fee is $375for the year.  The decal fee will prorate through the year.


· If the student has already purchased campus parking for a vehicle, and wishes to obtain a decal for their motorcycle as well, a decal must be purchased for the storage motorcycle parking areas.  Fee is $93.75 for the year.  The decal fee will prorate through the year.
All decals are valid starting August 1 and through July 31.


Register a Student Vehicle or Motorcycle


Student Bicycles

For security purposes, it is recommended that any bicycle that will be kept on campus be registered with the Ohio University Police Department. A description of the bicycle (or picture) is needed as well as the bicycle's serial number. Bicycle registration is maintained by the Ohio University Police Department. For more information regarding bicycle registration, contact them at 740-593-1911.



Alternative Vehicles & Golf Carts

Golf Carts and Alternative Vehicles owned by Ohio University must be registered with Parking Services.  A registration decal is required on all OU golf carts and alternative vehicles so the department may be identified if necessary.  To obtain a registration decal, please contact Teresa Trussell at 740-593-1917 or via e-mail at trussell@ohio.edu.  All requests must come from a full time employee of the department with the golf cart or alternative vehicle.

Designated parking areas must be arranged with Parking Services ahead of time based on departmental needs.  Additionally, any unpainted curb area within a University lot is permitted as a valid, temporary parking area.  Yellow curbs and firelanes are not permitted.  Meters may be utilized provided all fees are paid while parking.

Areas where parking is prohibited:

1.  Pedestrian walkways.  At no time may a golf cart or alternative vehicle block a sidewalk, curb cut access, or building access area. 
2.  At a building entrance.  To include directly in front or near an entrance. 
3.  Within any parking lot in a designated space or restricted space or area.  Permits are required in all lots on campus, and golf carts and alternative vehicles may not park within permit designated areas.
4.  Parking on the grass.
5.  Parking within a handicap space or the access isle for a handicap space.
6.  Parking in front of a dumpster or blocking a loading dock.
7.  Yellow curbs and firelanes.
8.  Unpaid metered spaces.  All fees must be paid at a meter.

Golf carts that are not owned by Ohio University will not be issued a registration decal and are not permitted parking on campus.  Violatiors will be cited and/or towed at the owners expense.




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