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Off Campus Parking Alternatives
Off Campus Parking Alternatives

Students who are not eligible for either commuter or resident parking may check with any of the locations listed on the Off Campus Parking List. These locations are not affiliated with Ohio University or Parking Services. Therefore, students must check with these locations themselves. Prices and lot availability is subject to change without knowledge of Parking Services.

2013-2014 School Year
Off-Campus Rental Parking
(Businesses not associated with OU parking)


AT & R Parking
136 Columbus Rd Rear

(740) 594-7709


Contact For Pricing

Long Term Parking Available

Payment: Visa, MasterCard, Cash or Check

Athens Mold & Machine
Elliott Street
(740) 593-6613



Payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cash or Check

*Fenced, paved, & dedicated spaces.

Athens Real Estate Company

36 Elliott Street

Office - 540 West Union Street

(740) 589-4600


Payment: Check/Money Order

Best of Athens Rentals
Lots 1 & 2: Stimson Avenue

Lot 4: Mill Street
(740) 594-3112


Lots 1 & 2: $220/year or $120/semester

Lot 4: $300/year or $160/semester

Payment: Cash or Check

Fairgrounds Parking
West Union Street
(740) 592-3347

$100/semester (Fairgrounds)

$85/month for College Street Parking

$85/Month for Garage Parking

Payment: Cash or Check

*Permits not available for pick-up until first day of classes.

Good Inc.

Parking Lot:2 East Stimson Avenue

Office: 21 West State Street




Payment: Cash, Check, or Money Order

Hocking Street Parking

34 Hocking Street

(740) 592-6805



Payment: Cash or Check

HDL Parking (Laughlin Vending)

148 West Union Street







Payment: Cash or Check


P&F Parking

152-154 Mill Street

(740) 590-2299 or (740) 592-2885



Payment: Cash or Check

Pro Rentals

Lot 1: 78 East State Street

Lot 2: 88 East State Street

Lot 3: Stimson Avenue

(740) 594-2026



78 & 88 E. State Street - $90 per month if rented less than 12 months, $80 per month if rented longer than 12 months.

Stimson Avenue - $70 per month if rented less than 12 months. $60 per month if rented longer than 12 months.

Payment: Cash, Check, or Credit Card

Red Cross

100 South May Avenue

(740) 593-5273


Payment: Cash, Check, or Credit Card

*Pre-payment of permits required.

Spectrum Management


Mailing Address: PO BOX 167

Waterville, OH 43566

(419) 215-3060

$40 per month if purchased in advance for one year period.

$150 per semester

Payment: Cash or Check

Stedman Parking

85 West Union Street

(740) 593-8101


Payment: Cash or Check


Please note that prices are subject to change
at the discretion of the business without the knowledge of Parking Services.

Do you own a private parking area and want to see your business listed here?  Send an e-mail to parking@ohio.edu with the name of your business, address, phone number, and your parking rates.

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