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Surplus is charged with administering the disposition of surplus/excess property which complies with applicable laws.

Any department which declares as excess state or university property will contact Moving & Surplus at 740-593-0463. The property will be removed from the department for disposition either through transfer to another University department or public sale. See: Procedure for Disposition of Surplus/Excess Property Procedure No.55.071

Surplus has reusable items available to university departments at The Ridges Building # 9 and can be purchased for a very nominal fee. The warehouse is open from 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

> Procedure for declaring an item surplus
1. Complete the surplus disposition form. The disposition form needs to be filled out for the following types of items only:
     a. items with a green Ohio University inventory tag. Fill out one form for each item with an inventory tag.
     b. vehicles. Fill out one form for each vehicle.

2. Once Moving & Surplus has received the disposition form(s) they will call to arrange a pick up of the item(s). Pickups are normally made within a week.

3. Once you have declared an item as surplus, please call Plant Accounting at 740-593-9765 to inform them that you are sending that item to surplus. The item will then be removed from your department's inventory list.

4. Call us at 740-593-0463 to arrange a pick up of these and all other items which do not possess an Ohio University inventory tag.

  Moving & Surplus
Building #9 The Ridges
Athens, Ohio 45701
Tel: 740.593.0463

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