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Notice of Intent to Vacate

This online form will notify the University Apartments Office that the tenant(s) listed will be vacating their apartment on the date listed below. It is understood that in order to receive the full refund of the tenant(s) security deposit, the tenant(s) must have fulfilled his or her part of the contract by:

  1. Full payment of all rent.
  2. Full payment of any late fees or other assessed charges related to the apartment rental.
  3. Given notice of intent to vacate at least 30 days prior to the departure date if graduating or withdrawing from the university.
  4. Thoroughly cleaned the apartment to reflect the same condition as when you moved in.
  5. The apartment and its furnishings are in good condition with no damages
  6. Complied with all terms of the lease agreement.

Forwarding address is required for the refund of the security deposit to be processed:

Your full name:
E-mail address:
Student ID #:
Apartment Complex and #:  Apt. #
Vacating on date:
Reason for vacating:

I agree to the terms outlined in this online notice and in my lease agreement. I now wish to submit this intent to vacate form.

Contact Information:

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