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Greek Life Housing Exemption Request

Ohio University does not own or operate any fraternity and sorority properties in the Athens or surrounding areas.  Ownership and property management of fraternity and sorority houses lies with the organization’s housing corporation, inter/national headquarters, or other contracted property management entity.  Ohio University’s involvement with fraternity and sorority houses is a special relationship in which the university allows sophomore students who meet certain eligibility requirements to be exempted from the on-campus housing policy.  In order to maintain this exemption, the fraternity/sorority house, property management entity, and membership must comply with certain rules and expectations.  A detailed list of these rules and regulations may be found online at

Since each fraternity/sorority house has its own property management entity, their tenants are expected to abide by the terms of the tenant lease agreement.  It is the responsibility of the student (and his parent(s) or legal guardian(s), if applicable) to read and understand the fraternity/sorority house lease terms PRIOR TO signing a lease agreement.  Questions regarding these agreements may be directed to the appropriate contact person for the fraternity/sorority’s property management entity (contacts are available in the Campus Involvement Center by calling 740-593-4025, speaking to the fraternity/sorority chapter leadership, or calling the fraternity/sorority inter/national headquarters office).

Please understand that the standard housing exemption policies still apply.

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Please note: Students who are applying for this fraternity or sorority exemption will recieve final approval through the Residential Housing Office.

Once you recieve official notification of approval from Residential Housing, you must update your local address with the Office of the Registar before the exemption/termination can be finalized.  Students submitting this form for fall of the next academic year, cannot update their address until the current spring quarter is complete.

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